A musical antitainment concept band project by Patrick Baumeister (Lyrics/Vocals), Pachet Fulmen (Beat/Bass), Taeck Goldt alias Jico Schmidt (Melody/Organ).
Some call their style "Sakral Minimal Electro Noise Depressive Pop". Facebook Instagram

“A neat little bow around No Wave, Death genres, Neue Deutsche Welle and Noise. In the primal ooze, a black sea of molten vinyl, where pulses of new wave, no wave and dark wave intermingle with the protoplasm of Neue Deutsche Welle a consciousness forms, fusioning oblivion and demise into a compelling mesmeric force. It is the evolution of noise into infrared sounds, electronic tantras, retro-postmodernist deconstructions, minimalistic beats of primitivistic power to lead us twitching and dancing to a low-key apocalypse. [...] The post-millennial Pied Pipers of Hamburg using nothing but keyboards, beats, and Mesolithic vocals to fulfill the lost prophecies of music. Best viewed wearing sunglasses.”
Fred Roberts, Ragzine "Hamburgs Music Subculture" (2014)

“Sowohl bei Tellavision und Schnipo Schranke als auch bei THERNST lohnt es sich den eigenen Blickwinkel zu erweitern und sich in musikalischer Hinsicht auf “neue Töne” einzulassen.”
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