2021, 2K, 82', NO DIALOG, 5.1, COLOR, 1,85:1

A Double Episode Cinema Experience:
FIRST TIME (50', Violet)
[BLACK STARRY BREAK] (5' Cinema Hall Mirror Ball Installation Interlude)
FINAL STAGE (27', Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)
A Common Sensations MuVi Movie.

"Picture the sun in the big, blue sky, feel the warmth of her rays, sharing it‘s light and energy unconditionally, even during a lonely subway cruize. Is there someone in your life who reminds you of the sun?"


Episode 1: FIRST TIME
A round trip with the Hamburg U3 line. The train runs, station after station. The light outside&inside changes. Passengers&protagonists in the midst of noise&music. Glances&silence, a KitKat is broken, a Coke is drunk. Outside: Sunset&Nightfall interrupted by tunnels&platforms, posters&facades. The train passes the boarding station again. The timeline of love could be round.
A Golden Hour Carousel Ride.

„And baby when I met you, every feeling I had was new, I don't think there are words to describe the sensations, oh no no no“
Coca Cola Commercial 1988, Robin Beck - First Time (Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)

Episode 2: FINAL STAGE
A teenage boy in "Europes Largest Shopping Mall". He sheds lonely tears over someone. He senses that something is wrong. Brutalism, Sadness, Consumerism –
A Contemporary Love Story.

„The world is on colors, we only could save us with grey. It's strange how oppression will make people working to pay. No, I don't wanna fall in love. This world is only gonna break your heart. This wicked game to play, to make us live this way."