My name is Nicolaas, I’m an average european guy.
I like to document things of grey, but I like color gradients, too. I also like nature. As I live in a city, I’m often watching clouds and sunsets. Right now I look out the window and see: several houses, cars… and everywhere inside these people.
There are humans I somehow like, and also moments I might enjoy, but there’s no time to process it, because in the hours I could, I prefer crying lonely.
There are no words to describe these sensations.


APRIL 2019
After a seven weeks researching residency program at University Hospital Dresden on virtual (AR) imaging by stimulation of the optic nerve by means of high ion radiation, finally proceeding with "Final Stage" prequel: "First Time [The Time For All But Sunset [VIOLET]" or/and the feature film "EndJoy – The Time For All But Sunset".
Finalizing short film "Believe", preparing and shooting "Snackers" film with Tim Slim, collapsing, break...
MARCH 20018
Visiting some international places for a smaller spring screening tour. Later I will be for a short residency in Riga, preparing Slowreel solo film night shows for Braunschweig, Kiel and Berlin in summer&autumn. Music videos for THERNST and Michaela Melián.
Still confused... first steps to normalize life with prospect (0.5.3). New short video in finalisation, preparing some exhibition participations in Berlin and Hamburg.
JUNE 2017
I am recently back from a small tour in Berlin, Paris and Mexico City with the "Autumn" film and currently working on the funding of life&projects, preparing an exhibition for Berlin in September. From autumn I will be for an EndJoyTour, screening a few worldwide film festivals with national premieres of "Final Stage".
"Final Stage" film is final – world premiere at Berlin International Film Festival – feeling a cozy ray of sun in a deep dark winter.

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